The Shiftster. Your manual solution
             for Shift-On-The-Fly Hell

What it does and how it works

  Using the Shiftster is about as simple as it gets.

  • Assuming you're currently in 2 High, you merely reach under the driver's seat of your four wheel drive truck or SUV, pull out on the spring loaded locator pin, and rotate the knob clockwise either a hundred degrees (for 4 High), or approximately 300 degrees to get your transfer case into 4 Low. 

  • That's all there is to it to activate the front drive axles, and you are now ready for offroad use.

  • Use 4 High for rainy or icy or snowy terrains, or shift to 4 Low for maximum traction on steep hills, over rocks, slippery river banks or in beach sand. The locator pin keeps the Shiftster in it's chosen range with no possibility of it not being fully engaged....or worse yet, becomming dis-engaged when you REALLY need it most. No more electric shift motors, control modules, speed sensors, faulty push buttons, blown fuses or bad wiring issues to ever worry about again. Ever. The Shiftster renders them all obsolete.

  • When you're finally done for the need of four wheel drive (i.e. normal highway driving), just do the reverse of the above------stop your vehicle, put the transmission in PARK (or apply the e-brake) and turn the Shiftster's knob back to 2 High. Voila, you're ready to get back on the asphalt. Yes, it's really that easy. In fact I made my Daughter do this five times or so on her '97 during our prototyping  days. She's not very mechanically inclined but she figured it out very quickly....and so will you....